2016 Maker Featurette

2016 Exhibitor Featurette: Monica Jones

2016 Exhibitor Featurette: Tara Garcia

2016 Exhibitor Featurette: Carson Hill

2015 Maker Featurette

2015 Exhibitor Featurette: – Heather Draymond

2015 Exhibitor Featurette: Brook Drabot

2015 Exhibitor Featurette: Tharika Samarakkodige

2015 Exhibitors Featurette: Milt Bailey

2015 Exhibitors Featurette: Robert Strate

2014 Maker Featurette

A sneak peek of our 2014 video series, created by the talented,
Ashley James – Photo, Video & Design

2014 Exhibitors Featurettes Teaser

2014 Exhibitors Featurette: Johanna Brierley

Meet Johanna Brierley jewellery designer and goldsmith and watch as she expertly crafts beach stones into timeless treasures.

2014 Exhibitor Featurette: Colleen Chamberlin & Barbara Balfour

Colleen Chamberlin and Barbara Balfour are potters with unique & different styles of working with clay.

2014 Exhibitor Featurette: Lena LeFreniere Friesen (Miinan)

This is Lena LeFreniere Friesen who is the master behind Miinan wild blueberry jams and other delicious Miinan products. Watch as she skillfully prepares mouthwatering preserves that are as rich with memories as they are flavour.

2014 Exhibitor Featurette: Rita Wasney (Quilts & Things)

In this short video Rita Wasney has fun sharing her passion and love of quilting.  Her husband used to say “You buy all this fabric, you cut it up, and then you sew it back together.  What are you doing?”  To which Rita explains… That’s the fun of it!”

2014 Exhibitor Featurette: Joseph Koensgen

Joseph Koensgen may very well be Manitoba’s best kept secret!  Joseph is self taught and has been drawing and painting from a very young age. While Koensgen has always enjoyed nature and desired to know more about it, he now paints with the hope that his appreciation for nature can be shared with others. His work was selected to be part of the 2014 Ducks Unlimited Canada National Art Portfolio.

2014 Exhibitor Featurette: LeVerne Tucker (Storybook Art & Fibre)

Ever wonder what it would be like to own a Llama farm?  Share a few moments with LeVerne Tucker and find out.

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